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Dive into the world of ILLUMIA SKIN - your new BFF in achieving that radiant glow. The founder behind this skincare gem is none other than serial entrepreneur and all-rounded heiress, Kim Lim. Well-known for being the ultimate skincare critic, you best believe that only the best makes the cut.

All products are developed with ethically sourced ingredients, proven to do wonders for your skin and accessible to all. Each product is carefully crafted to be your go-to daily essentials packed with science-backed formulations. Get ready to pamper your skin with the love and care it deserves. Here's to radiant days ahead – cheers to healthy, happy skin!


from Kim


Born out of hectic work hours and frequent travels, I craved skincare that could match my pace - adaptable and travel-ready. That's where ILLUMIA's essence was born.

My aim was to offer solutions that transcend skin- deep, products that don't just enhance your skin but also your confidence, inside and out. My wish is for these products to become as essential to you as they've been for me - the reliable allies of your daily routine. Here's to embracing our best self and finest skin!

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